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Leveraging Novel Nanotechnology

OptX Labs’ first product with an expected launch date of 2026 leverages nanotechnology and innovative drug delivery methods to promote simultaneous delivery of latanoprost and timolol from micelles-based contact lenses for the treatment of glaucoma.

For glaucoma treatment, the main types of drugs that are currently prescribed are for IOP (intra ocular pressure) reduction, which inhibits the aqueous humor production (liquid inside the eye) or improves its outflow from the eye to reduce inter build up.

Latanoprost is considered the first-line medication in drug therapy for glaucoma, and provides powerful IOP reduction by increasing the outflow of the aqueous humor. Beta-blockers are the most commonly prescribed glaucoma medicines in a number of countries and Timolol is one of most used beta-blockers, which decreases the IOP by inhibiting the production of aqueous humor.

The simultaneous application of two drugs with different IOP lowering mechanisms can both simultaneously reduce intra ocular pressure.

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